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life Text and photograph courtesy of Imperial Gardens Landscape
18 Myoora Rd., Terrey Hills NSW



The attainment of peace and tranquility are human goals transcending all ages. One enduring method of finding both can be traced to Japan's Heian period, 794-1185 AD.

The Karesansui (or dry stone garden) gained popularity with the rise of Zen Buddhism from the 12th Century. Often found in the courtyards of Zen temples, these gardens are renowned for simplicity and a sense of spaciousness. The act of raking the garden's gravel can be meditation in itself.

Planting is kept to a minimum so empty or passive space can achieve balance with the active. The open style of a Karesansui garden lends itself to the courtyards of Australian homes. Quiet appreciation of the garden achieves relaxation, with white raked gravel suggesting the movement of ocean waves or swirling wind eddies.

With its ancient qualities of peace and tranquility, and its low maintenance appeal, a Karesansui garden brings much to ease the stress of our contemporary Australian lifestyle.

LUMIX DMC-FX30: Stylish, compact, and very thin PANASONIC


Panasonic has released its latest stylish and compact camera, the DMC-FX30. The world's slimmest digital camera with a 28mm lens*, the DMC-FX30 delivers expansive scenery modes and it's wide angle lens lets you fit more people into an image when space is tight.
Dramatic downsizing by Panasonic makes the DMC-FX30 even slimmer and more compact than its predecessor and the camera also contains the latest in anti-blur technology, combining MEGA OIS (Optical Image Stabiliser) and Intelligent ISO Control.
The camera is very user friendly, with a new Quick Setting that lets you quickly access your most used functions.
PANASONICThe DMC-FX30 combines 7.2-megapixel image recording with a superb, newly developed 28mm wide angle Leica DC lens and a 3.6x optical zoom.
The DMC-FX30 is available now and has a recommended retail price of $659rrp.
* as of January 31, 2007

Panasonic Australia 132 600

Fujitsu blows away air-con competitors

Fujitsu blows away air-con competitors FUJITSU

In an industry breakthrough, Fujitsu General Australia has launched five innovative models of air conditioner in their revolutionary "nocria" range. Fujitsu's new units meet the demands of the increasingly discerning contemporary consumer who requires not only benchmark performance from an air conditioning system, but environmental sensitivity as well.

"Nocria" performance is unparalleled. The cutting-edge air-con units calibrate appropriate room temperatures ultra fast while Fujitsu's distinctive inverter function handles extreme temperature differentials and facilitates much smoother operation than previous models.

The new "nocria" range is also eco-friendly with Fujitsu ensuring that ceiling/wall models operate at a low 8.5kW and include cleaning filters that meet rigorous 2010 Energy Conservation Act standards.

Rounding off the "nocria" range is sleek styling. A suave exterior complements state-of-the-art electronics; thermo-sensors graced with the incredible ability to detect room and floor temperature and automatically adjust energy consumption to a minimum level.


Yamaha scooters: One for everyone
Yamaha Motor Australia

Yamaha scooters: One for everyone Yamaha Motor Australia

With push-button start and twist-and-go operation, scooters avoid the gear selection issues that turn many riders away from motorcycles. They have generous underseat storage, useful weather protection and 50cc models can be ridden in some states on a car licence. With so many practical features, it's easy to see why scooters enjoy mass appeal... especially among metropolitan commuters and shoppers.

Yamaha Motor Australia offers an eight model scooter line-up via an extensive dealer network with excellent parts, warranty and service backup. Yamaha scooters also come with DataDot theft protection and are available via convenient Yamaha Motor Finance.

With a reputation for innovation and reliability, there's a Yamaha scooter for everyone. Visit your local Yamaha scooter dealer, or check out www.yamaha-motor.com.au.

Yamaha model
RRP (inc GST)
CV50 Jog
City commuter
YQ50 Aerox
XC50 Vino
Retro style
XC125 Vino
Retro style
YW100 BeeWee
NXC125 Cygnus
City commuter
YP400 Majesty
Highway cruiser
XP500 TMax
Highway cruiser



Tokyo gadgets

Go on a treasure hunt for the right item!

Tokyo is a haven for quirky, unique and original accessories and gadgets. If it's something to make you laugh, ease away your tension or decorate your home you'll find a fantastic variety to choose from at one of the many accessory shops.

Figurines are currently the hot property to own, with updated versions of your favourite characters due out this season.

ZacPac Jarajuku
Address: 3-22-12 Jingumae, Shibuya Ward, Tokyo 150-0011


Hair-dryer gun
Hair-dryer gun

Have a blast everyday while blow-drying your hair with this fantastic hair-dryer in the shape of a pistol. Pull the trigger to adjust the temperature or fan strength.

Cake CD-wallet
Cake CD-wallet

Don't get fooled by this quirky creation. It looks like a cake cushion, but it's actually a CD-wallet. Give it to your friend for their birthday, instead of a real cake. Or if you prefer savoury to sweet, choose the hamburger design instead. Holds 10 CDs.

Hair-dryer gun
New from Tsui

Hong Kong's popular figurine creator Tim Tsui has designed Da-Ape Bling. Using ball bearings for joints, his figurines have far greater mobility than conventional ones, perhaps explaining their popularity.

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