January, 2019

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Challenging of Rafting in Bali

Challenging of Rafting in Bali

Rafting in Bali, of course challenging! Want to try it?

Rafting or also known as rafting has become a trend nowadays. Aside from being a sports facility, rafting is also preferred because it is very challenging for the adrenaline of the actors. Rafting is mostly done in steep river areas. Because that’s where the challenge is.

The meaning of Rafting Bali
Rafting is an activity of rafting a part of a river that is considered cascade or rafting using certain means such as rubber boats, kayaks, canoes and paddles. There are a number of things you want to achieve in this rafting, which are for sports, recreation and expeditions.
This white water rafting Bali sport is carried out in groups. So it relies heavily on solidarity and teamwork as a whole. In fact, it can be said that the main factor in running this rafting sport is teamwork in an effort to get past all the obstacles faced in the river.
Skills are absolutely necessary in this sport. Like the ability to know the nature of the river, the ability to paddle and paddle in a steep river. In addition, physical abilities also become the main support in white water rafting.
The place that is usually chosen for white water rafting is usually a river that has a fairly strong current. This is where the challenge for each person is …