March, 2019

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Japan. Onsen Explorer Day

Japan. Onsen Explorer Day

Onsen travel Explorer Day 7. Mach 7 2019
Today is a short train ride to Aomori where we catch Shinkansen to the Kikonai, Hokkaido under the Tsugaru Straight. Enjoyable journey with a smooth and calm train. After changing into our cycling clothes, we headed south and around the coast to Matsumae. The first stop is at the Shinto Temple where we are told about how they operate and how to pray. Ring the bell, bow twice, clap twice, pray and bow once before the last ring.

About 25 km farther away, we saw our van and trailer entering the deep ditch and Ken looked confused. Apparently he stopped to take a photo and failed to apply the hand brake where he chose the least resistant road – vertically down. Ken called to ask for help, but fortunately after an hour or so, a passing truck pulled him out to continue the trip safely. Meanwhile we stopped for lunch at a roadside restaurant in Fukushima. Egg noodle soup is noodles and bean sprouts in soy sauce with a piece of pork floating on it without any signs of eggs.

When we were about to leave, Ken arrived in the van with a slight split into the plastic front bumper, a lucky unmarked man. We shoot along the coast with a tail wind at a very high speed – yes. We finally …