Bucket List of Golf Courses – Walton Heath

Golf Courses - Walton Heath

Final Course for Golf Bucket Lists for UK – Walton Heath

Friday May 31 – Walton Health – wake up this morning with tired feet after an attempt to climb yesterday’s hill on St George. Graham had been looking forward to playing Walton Heath for years. When we started ordering courses for this trip our only disappointment was that we couldn’t get a reservation at Walton Heath in the Old Course because everything had been ordered and we were offered a round in the New Course. We decided that New would be better than skipping it all. Imagine our joy when we talked to the starter and he remembered our booking request for the Old Course and he said we had come this far, he would blackmail us into the Old Course field. We were really happy and it set the tone for the day.

This course is very busy because many professionals practice on the course ahead of Monday’s European Qualification Event for the upcoming US Open Event in a few weeks. There was a real rumor about the place and one of the players who practiced putting green was Min Woo Lee from Australia, (brother of Minjee Lee). He is a very good young man and we talked with him on the putting green, hoping for the best in the Qualifying Final.

Wow, how green is the practice – the speed is incredible. We need a lot of work to finally get the right speed and sink some putts. Then it was time to go to the big final match.

The first hole is 200 yards par 3 for men and 180 for women and makes it quite challenging, hidden water holes and left and right bunkers. It’s okay and then have to cross a very busy road where the car goes at 50 mph to get to the second hole – it will never happen at home! I think really old members will take their lives in their hands every time they cross the road to play golf!

We took a few holes to finish – Heather always lurked ready to catch a shot that was slightly out of the fairway. Luckily for us it didn’t bloom because it made it much harder to find the ball. We quickly realized that it was a long journey, but the good thing was that there was a little run if you did a decent straight shot. Another thing we noticed was that there weren’t many bunkers like Scottish courses but the bunkers here were placed very strategically and played a role. If you go inside, the sand is very rough sand and this makes a high-faced bunker really hard to destroy.

The last 3 holes are some of the best in the field. The Par 5 16 has a large long bunker to the right of the green that Leanne throws the ball at. Must hit to the side because it’s a monster. Par 3 17 is a real gem and we both got 4s after somehow avoiding the bunker. Then the 18th has a bunker opposite the front of the green. Graham’s second shot was somewhat lucky because he ran up the bunker’s face and into the green. He managed to equalize the hole – a great way to complete a great and memorable day at Walton Heath

Many times for now.

Leanne and Graham

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